Change is the only constant

The earliest memories of me, that I have, are of a simple shy girl, reluctant to talk, had few friends, busy in her own life. But I changed with time. I wonder how a girl, so shy, who didn’t ask time from the invigilator in X board English exam, as her own watch stopped working and completed the 3 hour exam in merely 2 hours and sat idle for the next 1 hour for the exam time to get over, now teaches in a class full of 70–80 students with full confidence. I changed a lot. Things were never easy for me, just like most of us, but I kept going. To be honest, I broke many times in all these years but I learnt a lot. Life indeed is a great teacher.

School & College Time

The little restrictions that we have during that age were all gone as soon as I landed up in college. I adapted so quickly like a bird who is now out of the cage.. bunked many lectures with friends, studied thoroughly only during the semester end and completed the graduation. The education gets tougher with the increase in level. Some days were really stressful and difficult. The graph of marks was now experiencing the downhill & so was my morale. But as it is rightly said :

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

I was strict with my expenses and had already started to earn my pocket money by teaching younger kids since my school days (may be that’s when the foundation stone of me as a teacher was laid down).

I still remember whenever I thought that my life was full of problems I used to come back home from school on foot, noticing the happiness on the faces of small kids playing along the roadside. Then I realized that no matter how many problems I have in my life but I am still in a better situation than some of the other beings. They are still happy but I am not only because they are not comparing them with anyone right now. They had their own issues to address and I had my own.

The post graduation decision took me out of Delhi and gave me new wings to fly. It also gave me the privilege of being in a hostel and enjoy that phase also. There I realized the importance of home, parents, siblings, last but not the least : home-made food. But I managed all of that because of the loved company of my friends. I suffered some serious health issues and long distance problems as well but life keeps you going. You have to welcome the new changes of life with a smile on your face and that’s probably the right way of doing it.

Professional Life

Life is full of uncertainties, the tiny part that is under our control is our reaction and action to situations. Sometimes I feel I indulge way too much into the problem that I stop finding the solution. It’s always good to have a genuine person in your life who can guide you about every wrong step that you took in your life.

In all these years I have learned that nothing is too difficult until we make it, nothing is too problematic until we forget to find solutions. The quicker we accept and adapt to the changes in life, the quicker we get calm in difficult situations, the easier is the life.

I am still on this learning spree. I am still ready to make mistakes and learn from them. I am still upgrading myself. AND I think this will continue life long. Everyone out there has it’s own journey, we all must be compassionate and supportive towards each other in whichever way possible.

Do remember…..

I would rather walk alone in darkness than to follow someone’s shadow.